Private SCUBA Certification Classes


Is this the right training format for you?

  • Is your time to get training limited?
  • Do you want to get certified while in FL on vacation?
  • Are you super comfortable in the water?


If you have limited time to spend learning SCUBA and are pretty comfortable in the water already, then this just might be a perfect format for you. This is a fun and challenging format that will keep you completely imersered in training for a minimum of 2 days. Basically we compress four typical days of training into two.


  • We will cater to your scheduling needs.
  • Private format for maximum training attention.


Upon successfully completing the 2-3 days of training you will earn either a Scuba Diver or Open Water 20 RAID certification.


All equipment will be supplied by Unique Scuba. Students are not required to buy equipment of any kind before training.


Additional costs associated with this trainging can include, but not limited to.

  • Lake or Springs Daily Use Fees.
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